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Boatbuilding Tips and Tricks

This section of is, and will continue to be, a "Work in Progress".

It's existence originally arises from my involvement on the old bulletin board, which no longer exists.  If you are in the process of, (or thinking about), building, repairing, modifying, or otherwise getting your hands dirty on a boat, The Boatbuilding Community site is still a place you'll want to bookmark for other articles and tips.

As the title of this section implies, these are tips... Usually not in depth discussions of techniques, but rather quick pointers to possibly get you thinking in other directions from where you are now.

Check back from time to time for new additions.  While I have a rather large list of items to be included here in the future, additions are usually rather spontaneous and as a result of a current reply that I've given on one of the bulletin boards.

If you have a specific item that you'd like to see addressed here, send me an email!

Patrick McCrary
Capt Patrick McCrary

Current Tips: (updated 10/04/12)

Hull Repair - B31

Engine Installation - B31

Strut Re-Alignment - B31

Building a Teak Console Pod

B31 PVC Guard Rail

Building the Side Window Reveal

Classic Bertram Strut Problem

Composite Rudder Shelf

Building an In Hull Transducer Cavity

Re-Gelcoating Your Boat

Teak Marlin Inlay

Bonding, Zincs, Corrosion, Galvanic Isolators

Quick Box Mold

External Raw Water Strainers

Mounting Chair Plates onto Deck

Basic Composite Structure

  Sweeping the B31 Pilasters

Building Fiberglass Shaft Logs

Quick and Inexpensive Heat Box

Basic Vacuum Bagging

Drilling Acrylic

High Performance Shafting

Avoiding the
dreaded "Grinding FG Itch"

Tag Lines -
Rigging and Fishing

Epoxy bonding
and fillet tips

Livewell Splash
Shields and Baffle

A Miniature Epoxy
Pump System

Rudders - Wear and Adjustment

Teak Decking

Building a Fairing Board

  Anti-Collapse Rings for Suction Hose

Filling Re-Usable Caulk Tubes

Working With Two Part Expandable Urethane Foam

Fiberglass Skin Repair

Through Hole Plug / Repair

Fuel Tank Design & Installation

Building a Work Float

Core Repair
(Transom Damage)

Basic Boat
Window Installation

PVC Foam Board as
an Alternative to Plywood

Replacing Rotten Wood

Dorade Boxes

Hardware Mounting
in Composites

Tips on image Scanning

Building a Bending Jig

The Captain and a Mate

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