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Capt Patrick McCrary properly suited up for grinding fiberglass.

Avoiding the dreaded "Grinding FG Itch"

In reading Don Dando's post, (, I noticed his reference to "'ll be busy scratching instead of sleeping."

Many of you already know the misery associated with microscopic particles of fiberglass dust once it's imbedded into your pores. For those who haven't had this pleasure yet, believe me when I say it's pure hell. Bad enough if you sleep alone, but when you contaminate the sheets -AND- your significant other, there's all hell to pay!

For those of you who have future fiberglass grinding to do, here's a few of hints to make life more bearable:

1. --BEFORE-- you start grinding, rub down with talc. Talcum powder from the drug store is damn expensive, (about $10-$12 a pound). Buy from a fiberglass supplier, (around 50 a pound). Same stuff, just no perfume or corn starch. Hell, you don't want smell like a baby anyway... What this does is pre-plug those pores with something that doesn't itch!

2. Invest in, and use, full zip-up disposable jump suits. They allow your skin to breathe, but block the fiberglass dust. Add a knit jersey head sock to keep it out of your hair.

3. Clean up outside. Use a garden hose, let the water run until cold before rinsing down. Get out of contaminated clothing before coming into the house.

4. Do not stop, do not collect $200, go straight to the shower. --Do Not-- shower in hot, or even warm water. This just opens the pores. Take a cold shower. (Sissies can add a little hot water to the mix, but just enough so that your privates don't look like a starter button on a Model T Ford.) You can bring on the hot water --After-- you've rinsed away any remaining fiberglass dust. Notice that I said "rinsed". Don't lather up and start going after it with a wash cloth. You'll just rub any dust in.

Do all of this and you'll love yourself. Any significant others won't be kicking your scratchy butt outta' bed in the middle of the night.

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