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Caulking the deck

Uh-oh...fixin' to get messy!

Caulking is far from a glamorous chore, but of great importance to the life of both the deck and sub structure below it.  Before you go shooting in some black rubbery stuff from the local hardware store, keep in mind that if water ever gets under the teak, your goose is cooked!

First we need to prep the spaces between the boards very carefully.  This includes a final cleaning out of any excess epoxy, (which has hardened completely by now, and will be a real chore to get rid of).  Everything must be completely dry and clean, and thoroughly vacuumed!

For the most part, I'll just let the following images tell their own story...

36 grit sandpaper disk

back saw

modified file

In order not to get caulk or primer on the surface of the deck, I mask out the entire deck.  Sounds like a pain, but both the caulk and primer are absorbed into the wood and without masking more of the surface has to be ground off.  I do everything not to lose thickness.

I use a 2 part deck caulking system that requires a special wood primer, produced by the same manufacturer.  This is applied with a short stiff brush, (two coats), and allowed to dry completely before the caulk is applied. 

There are two methods of applying the caulk; one is to apply using a caulk gun and the other is to pour and squeegee it in.  The main thing is to get the caulk to totally fill the space and with no bubbles, leaving enough excess standing above the surface to allow for shrinkage.

I prefer to do half of the deck one day and then the other half on the next.  That way you have room to work comfortably without "painting yourself into a corner".

And this is what it looks like after the tape is pulled.....Ready to surface after the hatched are completed and fitted.

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