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Make it smooth!

Surfacing the deck...

Here's where the deck really comes to life.  Using a 4" belt sander, 7" disc sander, 6" D/A, and a sanding block, (all with #80 grit paper), the entire deck is polished down.  The lion's share of the work is done with the belt sander, going with the grain of the wood.  Tighter areas are worked with the disc and D/A, while the really up close stuff is done by hand.  Be sure that no swirls are left by the disc sanders.  Needless to say, this is very dusty business and you wouldn't want to do it dock side.  You could find your boating neighbors preparing to string you up from the yard arm if you did! (Been there, done that, got the rope burns!)

To appease all concerned, I took the boat to a local anchorage, and spent 4 hours kicking up a cloud of teak. Don't do this job without a very good dust mask and non-vented goggles.  Teak dust this fine is very irritating to the eyes, they'll burn for hours after you get some in them.

Well, the only thing now is to fit the piano hinges to the hatches.....

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