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Re-decking a '53 Ocean Yacht

Re-decking a 53' Sportfish

Rip it out!

Ok, your factory installed teak deck has taken all of the re-surfacing, acid cleaners, fish blood, rod butts, and general abuse it can take!  In some cases the factory deck wasn't anything to write home about anyway, poorly fitted, marginally adhered, a zillion screws of the wrong type, improperly bunged, and poorly crafted.  Only two things to do......sell the boat and get a new one with a deck similar to the one on the old boat, (that'll wear out just as fast), or install a new custom deck.  One that's carefully fitted, well secured with a high grade epoxy, correctly caulked, and surfaced with TLC.
One that will, with the proper care, last for as much as a couple of decades, instead of as little as 4-5 years.

In the next few pages, you'll get a good grasp on what is entailed in doing this job.  I will try to lead you through all of the necessary steps, tools, materials, techniques, and tricks to either do the job yourself or know what to expect from a marine carpenter if you contract the deck out.
In the next section, (coming soon), I will add a list of production notes with links pertinent to this project.  Be on the look out for in the near future!

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