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Uncle Vic's Fall Fund Raiser 2004 - Again, Thank You All!

Uncle Vic's Christmas Challenge 2003 - Thank You All!

This may not be Rockefeller Center and the folks that support this site with their generous contributions and efforts may not be Atlas, and certainly the Bertram 31 isn't the world itself, but...

The support from all of our Faithful makes this one of the Best Boating Websites on the Internet, even occasionally for those who don't even own a Bertram.

Below are the names of those individuals who have generously donated, in 2003, some of their hard earned money to help maintain and strengthen  To each and everyone of you, my most sincere Thank You!

Tom Annulli
Bill Beardsley
Jim Bourg
Ed Boyd
Marcene H. Christoverson
Ken Ching
Capt. Rodney Cocuzza
Capt Mac Creech
Ed Curry
Dick Dean
Scott Deskins
Tommy Drake
Judge Trey Dibrell
Rich Eastman
Doc Ely
Mike Foley
Andre Fourrier
Frank Fimmano
John Formica
Capt Harv Friedman
Wayne Fultz
Chris Glowacki
Charlie Haws
Tom J. Hodgson
Mike Holmes
Bernard Hyman
Tom Jacob
Charlie Johnson
  Dale Johnson
Josh Johnson
Troy Johnson
Garry Jordan
Walt Kaprielian
Michael Kennedy
Capt David Kosh
Bob Lico
Craig McCarville
Jack McDonnell
Dan McKinney
Dave Mecham
Bill Moyka
Mitch Mills
Jeff Mullis
Russ Pagles
Chris Pague
Rit Reischer
Capt Frank Roepcke
Vic Roy
John Sakson
Rich Senison
Ric Soucy
Dug Stowe
Scott Traenkle
John Vietor
Capt Tom Ward
Joe Zaccarelli

There will more names added to this list of True Faithful as the year progresses.  Contributions are what keeps a Free Site Free, both in terms of your access and from annoying banners, ads, and intrusions that have little or nothing to do with who we are or what we do.

A special thanks goes to our beloved Uncle Vic, who not only kicked off the most recent Fund Raiser, but who also became an Annual Site Sponsor at the same time.

Again, Thanks Guys - You are all Da' Men, The Faithful, and above all, Family...

Capt Patrick McCrary

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