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Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

E Cards by Camilla Eriksson

First, let me say a most sincere "Thank You!" to Uncle Vic for initiating the UV Christmas Challenge 2003 and to all of you who met the challenge.

Words can not begin to convey the value of the friendships that I have made through this website.  When I first built the site and invited a few of the soon to be "Faithful"e over, little did I realize that I had built a doorway and opened it to what would become a worldwide fellowship.  But, the true success of the site has been largely due to the caliber of all of you and of course the common bond via the Bertram 31.

Special Thanks to:
  • Roland Arellano
  • Thomas Bourg
  • Dave Clutter
  • Mac Creech
  • Richard Creed
  • Chiles Cridlin
  • Edward Curry
  • Bill De La Garza
  • Dick Dean
  • Judge Trey Dibrell
  • Tommy Drake
  • Rich Eastman
  • Dick (Doc) Ely
  • Frank Fimmano
  • Ernest Fielder
  • Joseph Fiorillo
  • John Formica
  • Harvey Friedman
  • Chris Glowacki
  • Michael Gilmartin
  • Jerry Gomber
  • Fred Haas
  • Thomas Jacob
  • Charlie Johnson
  • Josh Johnson
  • Walter Kaprielian
  • John Kelly, Sr.
  • Michael Kennedy
  • Dave Kosh
  • Bob Lico
  • Larry McClenaghan
  • John McDonnell
  • Mitch Mills
  • Michael Moran
  • Michael Olstein
  • Chris Pague
  • Joseph Pica
  • David Recca
  • Randall Rosenthal
  • Vic Roy
  • Rawleigh Simmons
  • Tom Ward
  • Chris Wilson
  • Harry Woods
Your generosity and willingness to help support is greatly appreciated!

AND....  A Very Very Special Thank You to Randall Rosenthal for the truly awesome Montauk Chart.  Yup, guys, you guessed it: Randall carved it from a single piece of wood and then hand illustrated it true to the last detail.  Totally incredible!

Randall Rosenthal - Hand Carved Montauk Chart
Larger View

As always...

Best regards,

Patrick McCrary

Capt Patrick McCrary
3640 Investment Ln. #15
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