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The Uncle Vic International Invitational 2002 -- Second Annual Bertram 31 Event with a Coonass Flair !

Uncle Vic International Invitational - Port Eads, LA


UVII 2001

Laundry Flying from "Geaux Deep" on the last day...

June 24 - 28, 2002

July 14, 2001

The Second Annual "Uncle Vic Invitational" was the same resounding success as the first!

This year's participant list is as follow, (37 in all).  If you were there and your name isn't on the list, please give me a shout...  

Boats, Captians, & Crew:
Another Joy (FBC) - Baton Rouge, LA
Vic Roy
Geaux Deep (Bahia Mar) - Venice, LA
Gary Jordan
Andy Cline
Jaded Lady (FBC) - Pensacola, FL
Mac Creech
Jeremy Creech

Van Hasty
Wet Spot (FBC) - New Orleans, LA
Stan Smith
Al Walker
Salty Sam (SF) - Chalmette, LA
Shane Pescay
Bob Tournet
Rami Khodr
Centurian (FBC) - Venice, LA
Doctor Brian Jordan
Verineik & Son
Bad Habit (B25 HT) - Galveston, TX
Judge Trey Dibrell
Nathan III (27 Boston Whaler) - Port Eads, LA
André Fourrier
Brad Fourrier
Carter Fourrier
Matt Bordelon
Bruce Creamer - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Doc Ely - Philidelphia, PA

Ernest Fielder - Houston, TX

Charles "Snow" Foster, Baton Rouge, LA

Stephen Griffiths - Cape Town, S. Africa

Mike Holmes - Freeport, TX

Mike Kelly - Tarpon Springs, FL

Mike Kennedy - Richmond, VA

Timmy Kisieleski - Boston, MA

Patrick McCrary - West Palm Beach, FL

Sonny Morrell - Sarasota, FL

Mike Ohlstein - Long Island, NY

Russ & Linda Pellecchia - Hood River, OR

Ric Soucy - Salem, NH

David Soucy - Salem, NH

Jim Styner - Seattle, WA

Lyman Thornton - Baton Rouge, LA

Chris Wilson - Cape Town, S. Africa

Hororable Mentions and Special Thanks:
Mike Ohlstein - Custom printed shirts
Tommy Drake - Awards to UV and Capt Patrick
Peewee Reese - Generous donation of the use of his private pavillion
Don Jones of Bertram Yachts - Hats, T-shirts, and assorted door prizes
Shore Crew:
Daryl Scarabin - Chef
DeDee - Chef's Assistant & Daryl's Mom
Wayne Scarabin - Dock Master

Best regards,


Patrick McCrary

Capt Patrick McCrary
3640 Investment Ln. Unit 15
West Palm Beach, FL 33404

Mac and Jeremy Creech aboard their "Jaded Lady" - Port Eads, LA.
Mac and Jeremy Creech aboard their "Jaded Lady"

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