Greetings Fellow Bertram 31 Fans!

The screen saver found in this ftp directory has been created by Capt Patrick McCrary.

BERTSCR.EXE will install the screen saver to your win95,98,NT machine. There is no version for Macintosh, sorry! The file size is 1.78MB. I suggest that you download it as file into a temporary directory on your hard disk and then, as you should do for all downloads of executable files, run a virus scan prior to running it. Once you trust the file to be clean, you may run it to install the screen saver with the various options available.

This software is offered solely as shareware and without warrantee, express or implied. By downloading BERTSCR.EXE you are accepting all responsibilities and thereby hold harmless Capt. Patrick McCrary, or any other entity of USAMARINE Web Group.

About the creation of this screen saver:

There are 37 carefully selected images, primarily of Bertram 31s. These are images that can be seen on various pages of the website.

The software used to create BERTSCR.EXE was ScreenSaverStudio 4.01n by Softdisk Publishing.

In all, the collection and formatting of the images for use as this screen saver represents a great deal of time and expense. It is doubtful that even a simple break even will ever be realized from this endeavor. The intent in creating this product was not to make money, but rather to add something unique especially for those loving the Bertram 31. It will make a prefect addition to your Windows based PC, and is formatted for all resolutions from 640X480 through 1280X1024, (average being 800X600). It will also make a great gift for friends or family members with a PC.

Obviously, by making it available for free download to any of the visitors to, I have no way of controlling its circulation, or any means to track it's use. I can only track the number of times that it is downloaded from my server.

With all of this in mind, I can only ask that, if you are so inclined, please consider sending a donation of $15.00 or more to:

Patrick McCrary
3640 Investment Ln.
Unit 15
West Palm Beach, FL

Remember, that I have created at my own expense and have made it freely available as the premier meeting place for all B31 aficionados. Just the maintenance and server costs of the site amounts to several hundred dollars a year. Do you remember meeting on various general bulletin boards trying to squeeze in a message to your buddies between postings from Sea Ray, Bayliner, and other Chlorox Bottle Owners?

Sorry if I am beginning to sound pitiful, that is not my intent... Just saying not to take this neat stuff for granted.

Enjoy the site, download the screen saver, and above all, have fun. As B31'ers, we're the envy of all other boat owners!

Best regards,

Capt Patrick McCrary

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