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Over Sized Rudder Replacement

for Both 31 & 28 Bertrams

Now Available:  B31 Style Top Shaft for B28 style owners wishing to convert to a tiller arm above configuration.

Hybrid Shaft Style

I now offer a Hybrid Shaft Style that allows you to convert your B28 configuration over to the B31 style shaft, placing the tiller arm above both the rudder shelf and flange bearing.

This will allow you more room for access to the packing gland and allow you to shift the tie bar aft rather than some boats with the bar forward. For those of you with the forward configuration of the tie bar, this will free up about 14 inches of space over the center bilge.

A word of caution: Reconfiguring with the Hybrid Style Shaft may mean that you will also have to reconfigure your rudder shelves and tie bar. But if you are doing a complete upgrade of your existing rudder system this may not be much of an issue.

If you'd like to discuss this option, please feel free to call...

Best regards,

Patrick McCrary

Capt Patrick McCrary
834 Scott Dr.
LLANO, TX 78643


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