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Jalapeno Video

Postby Capt. DQ » Jul 7th, '10, 10:23

    Subject: Bellamy Brothers - Jalapeno Video

    This song/video is causing a major upset in the US. People (politicians) are
    wanting it banned, etc. The Bellamys are on a bus tour right now in the states
    and are singing this on every stop & are getting ready to go overseas. This has
    caused quite the uprising. Its even been said that it should be banned in the
    US and that if the Bellamy's leave the US , they wont be allowed back. Plus
    people (politicians) are saying it offends them guess the truth hurts!!!!!!!!
    Radio stations all over are playing this song & telling people to go to you
    tube for the video. Personally, I think its hilarious! Looks like to me, its
    getting great reviews! Go Bellamys Good Job!

    Bellamy Brothers Jalapenos Video:

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Postby Charlie J » Jul 7th, '10, 11:48

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Postby In Memory Walter K » Jul 7th, '10, 15:19

I think it's wonderful and represents America's freedoms at their best! Those who think it's "dangerous" are the ones you should be worried about, not these guys!
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Postby Bruce » Jul 7th, '10, 15:49

Annoy A Liberal,

Ask Them Why They Hate America
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Postby Kurt » Jul 11th, '10, 00:40

Way soft porn being called XXX....not sure what the trouble is. God! What a bunch of p's we're becoming. Eeww we're not being nice to everybody
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