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Tommy Drake's "Island Girl" - 31 Bertram Sportfish

Tommy Drake's ISLAND GIRL - B31 Sportfish
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Very nearly in original configuration, Tommy's 1973 Sportfish, "Island Girl", is a perfect example of a well maintained classic.  It even still has the original factory gelcoat and is in near perfect condition, even after almost 30 years...

Between January and March of 2001, "Island Girl" was re-powered, (from gasoline engines), with the Yanmar 6LPSTE 300 hp diesel engines.  The work was performed by Bruce Creamer of Southeast Marine and Capt Patrick McCrary of USAMarine in Palm Beach, FL.

Tommy Drake - Drake Commercial Properties, Raleigh, NC

Current Data:
1973 Bertram 31 Hull Number BER012571172-314

U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation Number 670697


Hurth ZF Transmissions = HSW63OA (change fluid and filter at first 50 hrs. then per book)
Port: 2.10:1, Stbd: 2.04:1
Racor primary fuel filters, preceded with Algae-X fuel treatment units - (not yet installed in these images)

Installed by Southeast Marine Service; Bruce Creamer w/ Patrick McCrary, West Palm Beach

Max rated RPM 3800; continuous cruise @3600 RPM; preferred cruise @ 3000-3200 RPM

Shafts = 1.5; shaft seals = PYI packless; props 20x24 bronze 4-blade w/pitch reduced 1

Sea Trialed: April 4, 2001

Service: After first 50 hours and every 100 hours thereafter

Oil: Shell Rotella T I 5W-40 HD (no substitutes)

Coolant: Texaco Haveline Dex-Cool (no substitutes)

Transmission Fluid: ATF Dextron (no substitutes)

Fuel Filter: Racor Model 900 MA with 30 Micron #2040 filters (change 50 hours)

Gelcoat care: Meguires Machine Glaze sealant (not a wax)

Aluminum care: AlumaGuard

Formica care Penetrol

Plexiglass care: Novus I, 11, Ill

Bottom Paint Hard coat

Port Yanmar 6LPSTE   Starboard Yanmar 6LPSTE
Custom engine beds to be capped with 1/2" aluminum
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