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Block Island Great Salt Pond

Bertram 31 Block Island Rendezvous 2000

11/10/00 Fred and Karen - "KAR-FRE"  

With the boats tied up like one of those Chinese finger locks, we all shook hands and had a beer while the boats got washed down. Our new friends Paul and Carol then took the lead, which sealed our weekend bond. Out of nowhere, Paul cranks up Sinatra (absolute music to our ears), and proceeds to make the best damn martinis I have ever had, period! Imagine the genius of stuffing my favorite pizza topping, the anchovy, into the olives, creating a chum slick on the surface in a traditional martini glass. (The rest of Fred's story....)  

Fred Greis, "Kar-Fre"

8/28/00 Capy and Carol - "CAPPY"

Well, we finally made it back... .the First Ever Bertram 31 Rendezvous actually happened! Granted, the scale was much smaller than I had conceived, but TRUE Bertram 31 owners did attend. This core group of dedicated, but truly nice people, listened to the forecasts, looked mother nature in the face and asked, 3 to 6 foot waves? is that all?.. .Lets go!" . What follows is our journey, straight from the log of the fishing vessel CAPY, edited slightly with anecdotes for easier reading. (The rest of Capy's story....)  



Weather, unfortunately, put a damper on the much anticipated Bertram 31 Block Island 2000 Rendezvous. The forecast for the weekend called for NE winds to 30 knots, seas to 8 ft. and rain, drizzle, and fog.

Of the upwards of 30 B31s anticipated to come, only four brave and dauntless crews battened their hatches and slugged it out to the Great Salt Pond. Event organizer, Paul Gozewski and wife Carol, aboard their "Capy" had the longest run. Some 300 miles round trip!

Dug reported that the weather Saturday was actually pretty nice, and although breezy, the skies were fairly clear and sunny.  A great time was had by all.  Dug's account of his trip can be seen by viewing his posting on the General Discussion Board.

The Participants:

Paul and Carol Gozewski - CAPY of Haverhill, MA

Fred and Karen Greis - KAR-FRE of East Moriches, New York

Dug Stowe and cousin Brad Stowe - ALCHEMY of Cambridge, MA,

Richard Miller and guest Beatrice - MISCHIEF of Fishers Island, NY

Capt. Mike and Guests - PREDATOR

As always...

Best regards,

Patrick McCrary

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